Bosna i Hercegovina se nalazi u periodu kada su socijalne promjene neophodne. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that is in a period in which social change is necessary. Created new systems of government and new organizations and citizens are now provides the ability to engage in decision-making processes that directly affect their lives. At the moment when social change is necessary, a major role has just advocacy. Many formal and informal organized groups of citizens working to improve the quality of life in the communities in which they live. Non-governmental organizations advocating the interests of the public and creating social change within different fields and with different aims. The goals may be related to the improvement of the living conditions of people from different social groups, improving the education system, prevent environmental pollution and the like. From this we can draw the conclusion that advocacy pose a social process whose purpose is to achieve social change. It starts with a small group of people who share concerns about a particular problem and are willing to dedicate time, skills and resources available to reach the desired changes. It consists of a series of activities to be undertaken with the aim of changing the policies, practices and attitudes. These changes may relate to legislation, a national strategy and directly to all members of society. We can conclude that "advocate" means to speak in someone's name to overcome the common and general social problems. With the participation of people in organizational actions involving non-governmental organizations, the media and public institutions responsible for decision-making, democratic processes are becoming stronger. In this way, citizens create and implement their rights to change sruštvene opportunities by leveraging the institutions that control social change. , pojava novih organizacija omogućuje građanima da se uključe u proces donošenja odluka koje direktno utiču na njihove živote. Upravo u trenutku kada se društvene promjene nameću kao neophodne, odlučujuću ulogu ima zagovaranje. Veliki broj formalnih i neformalnih grupa organizovanih od […]